How to make a custom hockey uniform order

Ordering custom hockey uniforms requires careful attention and a clear understanding of your needs and requirements. Here are the step-by-step instructions for ordering custom hockey uniforms.

Determine your needs

  • Team uniforms or individual uniforms. Decide whether you need a uniform for the whole team or for one player.
  • Type of uniform. Determine what elements of the uniform are needed: jersey (game shirt), shorts, socks, practice wear, etc.
  • Design and colours. Think about the design, colour scheme and team logo. Take into account corporate colours, if any.

Choosing a manufacturer

  • Research manufacturers. Find manufacturers who specialise in making hockey uniforms. Well-known brands include Bauer, CCM, Warrior and others.
  • Reviews and testimonials. Read reviews and testimonials from other customers to choose a reliable manufacturer.

Prepare layout and design

  • Design creation. Use online designers on manufacturers’ websites or contact a graphic designer to create a form layout. Include logos, numbers, player names, and any additional elements.
  • Design Approval. Coordinate the final design with the team and approve it before submitting the order.

Taking measurements

  • Sizing. Determine the sizes of all players. Usually manufacturers provide size charts to guide you.
  • Individual measurements. If necessary, take individual measurements for accurate sizing.


  • Contacting the manufacturer. Contact the selected manufacturer or authorised representative.
  • Discuss details. Discuss all details of the order, including materials, lead time, cost and delivery terms.
  • Providing the layout. Send the approved design to the manufacturer.

Order confirmation

  • Receiving Confirmation. Receive confirmation from the manufacturer that the order has been accepted. Make sure all details including design, dimensions and quantity are correct.
  • Deposit. Make a prepayment if required.

Manufacturing Process

  • Quality Control. If possible, request a sample mould before mass production to check quality and conformity to design.
  • Manufacturing Timeline. Clarify production deadlines and monitor compliance.

Delivery and inspection

  • Order Receipt. When you receive your order, carefully check all elements of the form for conformity with the order.
  • Correcting errors. If errors or defects are found, contact the manufacturer immediately to correct them.

Additional services

  • Application of sponsor logos. If necessary, discuss the possibility of putting sponsor logos on the uniform.
  • Personalisation. Order additional personalisation elements such as individual numbers and names.


  • Feedback. Leave feedback on the manufacturer and quality of the uniform to help other buyers.

By following these steps, you will be able to order a personalised hockey uniform that will fully meet your requirements and expectations.